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Welcome to the new ACF Standby Systems website.

This site was formed after the merger of Standby Systems into ACF PowerGen in October 2009.  The new company and this site is the culmination of over 150 years of combined generator experience.  We hope you find it useful.  Please contact us with any information you require.  Andy Young, President

Growing Importance of Standby Generators

Monday, January 27th, 2014 main

As we grow more dependent on technology the negative  impact of a power outage is critically increased.  We have become a power dependent society in all facets of our lives; whether it be at home, health care services, industry, or any type of business relying on power to function.

Standby generator systems have the ability to sense a power outage and initiate automatically keeping your business or home out of the dark.  We use automatic transfer switches to detect a outage and then supply your facility or home with power until electricity is restored.  After power is restored the generator will shut down and stand ready for the next outage.

Commercial Facilities

If a large commercial building loses power the safety of the building occupants are at risk.  Emergency lighting, ventilation,  communication, and fire safety systems require electricity.  Batteries might provide a few useful hours but are not a long term solution.  This is where a standby generator fills in until power is restored.

Critical Environments

Several businesses cannot tolerate any power interruptions.  These include intensive care units, computer server farms, operating rooms, telecommunication centers, banks, and other critical systems.  These services use uninterruptable power to prevent any momentary power outage, even for a second.

Large battery banks power the their equipment directly using an inverter.  When power is interrupted, the batteries continue supplying power until the standby generator comes online supplying the power necessary to keep the batteries charged.  Once power is restored the generator shuts down allowing the utility to supply power to the batteries.


Sometimes in industry standby generators serve dual roles.  Manufacturers often have agreements with utilities that allow them to interrupt power on short notice when demand exceeds available supply.  Having a reliable generator on site allows factory to run during these unplanned outages.

The generator can also supply power to critical safety systems during an outage.  The safety systems are often mandated by building codes and having a standby generator is not an option.


The most important role a standby generator performs in the retail industry is the prevention of food product loss. Some larger stores could lose up to a million dollars in inventory during a prolong outage.  The temperature requirements for food safety are strict and standby generator could be the difference between keeping a small business doors open and a devastating loss.  And added advantage of a standby generator is a store can remain open after a declared emergency.


A standby generator for your home can be the difference between spoiled food, unbearable heat, and keeping your home dry and mold-free after a storm.  It will also allow you to keep up on the latest news and emergency information.

ACF Standby Systems supplies reliable standby and trailer mounted generator systems to maximize our customer’s uptime and profitability through a total solutions approach and solid customer relationships.

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Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology, is with ACF Standby Systems with offices throughout Florida. For more information visit www.acfstandbysystems.com.

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